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Request Materials

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- books that include a lot of expected questions (even if it is a general book)

- books submitted in the form of legal deposit

- books to be published

- books that have inaccurate ISBN data

- sold-out and out-of-print books

- teaching materials for cram school and lecture materials

- foreign books published over 5 years ago as of current year

- nonbook materials published abroad

- publications for entertainment of various kinds (game guide, cartoon, puzzle etc.)

- excluding materials that do not meet the NLK's criteria for selecting materials

※ Among materials requested, materials that considerably differ in price with similar materials may be restricted through the Library Material Review Committee review (ground : Library Act Enforcement Ordinance Article 13 (3)

※ Foreign materials restricted for application (eastern materials/western materials)

① users who do not have library card (users who only created their account on the library's website)

② users who did not borrow materials after requesting them (excluding first time applicants)

③ users who requested not for refinement/learning/research purpose but for commercial purpose

4. How to apply : Log in > Request reservation > Book to request > Search materials (search whether or not the library has the book you will request) > Click request book

5. See request/processing result : my library > request history > book requested