Commonwealth of Independent States(CIS)

How to use

○ Korea-related materials in CIS

The National Library of Korea collected Korea-related materials in CIS in 2020 and is providing users with materials on Goryeoins’ history of migration, independence movement, Goryeoins’ culture etc. through its website.

The materials include Korean language books produced or published from 1858 to 1959 in Russia, central asia such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russian language books related with Korea(Korean people), handwritten manuscripts and photos created by Goryeoins. The original version of photos and handwritten manuscripts are kept at Gwangju Goryeoins’ Village Historical Relics Exhibition Hall.

The photos are created from 1902 to 1959 by different types of Goryeoins. The photos show various aspects of the history and life of Goryeoins such as Goryeoins’ migration to the early maritime province, anti-Japanese movement, cultural movement, education, daily life, native language newspaper, native language theater, rites of passage etc.

Handwritten manuscripts refers to 8 volumes of plays and 2 volumes of songbooks created by Goryeoins between 1935 and 1945. The 8 plays included are handwritten manuscripts written by playwriter Kim Hae Woon(1909-1981) from 1935 to 1958 as he worked as a playwriter at the Maritime Province Vladivostok Goryeoin Theater, Uzbekistan Tashkent Joseon Theater and Sakhalin Joseon Theater. The work reflects the history and culture of some Goryeoin theaters that existed shortly in Soviet Russia. 2 volumes of songbooks is a manusript book of Goryeoins’ oral tradition songs created in 1945 in Uzbekistan. As the book was created earlier than other books and includes various content, it is helpful for research on the history of Goryeoins’ oral tradition songs.

○ Commonwealth of Independent States(CIS)

Commonwealth of Independent States(CIS), a union of 11 countries such as Russia, 5 Central Asian countries, established after the Dissolution of the Soviet Union.