The NLK Digital Library serves as a new-concept digital cultural complex where information and humans communicate with each other.

The Digital Library provides its users with a space to enjoy its digital content and even create new contents. Also, the Digital Library plays the role of a digital platform that goes beyond a physical library space in which they can make easy and convenient use of a wide variety of digital materials.

Far from bookshelves with printed books and materials, the ‘Information Plaza’, dedicated to library users, serves as a space with computers, information and technology devices, and media equipment where they can read, create, and share digital materials.

On the occasion of the NLK’s 75th anniversary, we’ve made the present collection which is designed to cover a 10-year-long journey of the Digital Library from the beginning to its growth mostly with a focus on its major projects and services.

The collection consists of major projects as part of efforts to make the digital library a user platform from the moment we started preparing for creating the digital library. The subtopics of the present collection are as follows: