Note: the following online catalogues are all in Korean.
Korean Library Information System Network (KOLIS-NET)

In KOLIS-NET, materials owned by Korea’s public libraries can be searched.

Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System (KORCIS)

In KORCIS, Korean old and rare materials held in domestic and international institutions can be searched. ※ Participating institutions: 60 domestic institutions including Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, 37 overseas institutions including the University of Tokyo Library

Direct Rapid Easy Accessible Material Service (DREAM)

In DREAM, alternative materials (braille books, electronic braille books, text-only daisy books, text-pdf files) housed in public libraries and private libraries for the disabled can be searched.

Modern Literature Collection Information System

In Modern Literature Collection Information System, modern literature materials held in Korean modern literature museums and other relevant institutions can be searched. Online catalogue, table of contents, annotation, and full-texts of literature pieces housed in relevant institutions (literature center, museum, and library) are serviced for researchers and users.