How hard it was to fight for independence! It was beyond our thoughts and imagination and it must have been much harder for female independent fighters. A lot of females took different opportunities to join the independence movements which were joined by students, professionals like teachers and doctors, housewives, and Koren geishas.

Playing active roles in March 1st Independence Movement, Gwangju Student Independence Movement, Anti-Japanese Labor Movement, Peasant Movement against the Japanese Colonial Rule, etc. more females than thought joined the independence movement.

The selection makes a vivid description of the female independent activists’ lives and gives a graphic illustration of the scenes where they have fought for the nation’s independence through historic records and materials. Among many female independent activists, we chose those who were available for more detailed records and stories of the independent movement.

We used old newspapers, historic records, and books that the NLK keeps and retrieved information from external history database such as that of the National Institute of Korean History to pick out good records and materials for the collection.