Ma Hae-song Literary Award

The award was created by Moonji Publishing Company in 2004 to admire Mr. Ma Hae-song’s literary achievement and has been granted to writers since 2005. It contributes to the development of Korean children’s literature by identifying and encouraging prospective writers.

Park Hong-geun Children’s Literary Award

The award was created in 1990 by Mr. Park Hong-geun himself on the occasion of his 70th birthday when he released a collection of 119 writers’ works and proposed to initiate the award.

Bang Jung-hwan Children’s Literary Award

The award made its debut in 1991 to succeed to and enhance Mr. Bang’s literary spirit and to identify capable writers with excellent literary value.

Socheon Children’s Literary Award

The award was created to honor Mr. Kang So-cheon’s literary achievement. He devoted himself to children’s literature for 30 years since the 1930s and laid the groundwork for children’s literature in Korea. The award is often referred to as Socheon Literary Award.

Yoon Seok-joong Literary Award

In honor of Mr. Yoon Seok-joong’s literary spirit and his love of children, the award was created to identify capable children’s literature writers. He is referred to as the father of Korean children’s songs as his life was dedicated to composing and promoting children’s songs.

Lee Ju-hong Children’s Literary Award

The award was initiated in 1981 to give wider publicity to Mr. Lee Ju-hong’s literary spirit and shed new light on his literary works. Known also as his pen name of Hyangpa, he has integrated both humanity recovery and respect for human beings into his literary works.

Changwon Children’s Literary Award

The award was made in 2011 on the occasion of the International Children’s Literature Festival held in the city of Changwon. Announcing the goal of becoming the capital of children’s literature, the city holds the festival every two years. Taking advantage of the fact that “Gohyangui bom(Spring of Hometown),” one of the most popular songs in Korea, was composed against the backdrop of the city, the festival was initiated to provide children with imagination and to motivate them to grow up as creative human being.

Kwon Jeong-sang Literary Award

Aimed at identifying and encouraging prospective writers to honor Mr. Kwon’s life and literary spirit, the award was created to succeed to his sublime ideas with more impressive resonance throughout the world.

Jeong Chae-bong Literary Award

The award was proposed in 2011 by the 10th commemoration committee which mainly consisted of Mr. Jeong Chae-bong’s followers. The award is supervised by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation(MBC) of Yeosu, a southwestern city of Korea with the steering committee of Jeong Chae-bong Literary Award.