National land development and regional policies

Comprehensively research the plans for national territory, including land and regional policies, land planning evaluation, regional economy, industrial positions of Korea and the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, etc., and short to long-term policies and plans related to national land and regional development. Key contents of research done include the following: Firstly, research related to national territorial and regional planning, national land and regional policies, policies and plans for the capital region, and natural environment and water resources Secondly, research related to national land plan evaluation, national land planning system, future national territory, and land monitoring Thirdly, research related to analysis of regional economy, spatial metric analysis and analysis of the economic value of the national land development projects Fourthly, research related to national industrial location policies and planning, analysis of the demand for industrial locations and plans for regional industrial locations Fifthly, research related to plans for the development of a unified Korean Peninsula and regions of North Korea, spatial strategy for northeast Asia and plans for development of border regions

Urban policies and urban planning

We are undertaking research on urban policies regarding enhancing the vitality of urban centers for the improvement of the quality of Korean people's lives, and the establishment of a safe and pleasant day-to-day environment and infrastructure for sustainable urban development, as well as efficient organization of the living environment in cities. In addition, we are pursuing research on relevant areas by establishing a cooperative system with government departments and various research and policy institutions in Korea and overseas. Key contents of research done include the following: Firstly, urban planning and design for a productive and convenient residential environment and for urban infrastructure, urban culture and tourism Secondly, urban revitalization and development research for vitalized and competitive land and for urban management Thirdly, urban disaster prevention research to establish an environment that will protect the residents from climate change and disasters Fourthly, a diverse range of research, including on the smart and green city for the establishment of environmental-friendly urban spaces that converge with ICT, and other research on urban policies directly related to Koreans’ daily lives

Residential policies and land development

We are pursuing research for the improvement of policy development, market analysis, and the laws and systems of residential welfare, real estate, land and the construction economy. Key contents of research done include the following: Firstly, research on residents and residential welfare policies including the establishment of a comprehensive residential plan, survey on the actual status of residency and residential welfare evaluation, etc Secondly, research on the real estate market including its analysis and forecasting, development of real estate policies and analysis of their effects, etc Thirdly, research on land policies including evaluation and development of land policy, land use and development system, land supply and demand, as well as the management of land, etc Fourthly, research on the construction economy and private sector investment including evaluation of trends and policies of construction economy, and construction industry and systems, etc

Traffic policy and traffic infrastructure

Researching key traffic policies and plans from the domain of the country, regions and cities including planning of national road and railway networks, integrated traffic policy for the metropolitan regions, policies and plans for national logistics, and development of green traffic policies for the activation of public transportation, etc. This is for the establishment of a traffic infrastructure policy direction that responds to climate change in an era of global competitiveness. Key contents of research done include the following:Firstly, development of a traffic policy to provide support for national and regional development, establishment of linked traffic-based, mid to long-term traffic investment plan, international logistics and transportation plan, and green logistic policy related to the development of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia Secondly, establishment of plans to develop a traffic axis linked with spatial structure, and establishment of trunk line traffic network plans for roads and railways Thirdly, research on the development and standardization of an inTELigent traffic system (ITS), etc.

National land space information

We pursue research on methods, policies and technologies for the efficient production, utilization and analysis of information regarding the national territory, etc. Key contents of research done include the following: Firstly, a research strategy to pursue a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) policy and spatial information of local autonomous governments, establishment of mid to long-term plan for National Spatial Data, and analysis of the trends in the spatial data industry and market Secondly, researching the methods of collection, production and analysis of national land related data, the method of convergence utilization with relevant technologies such as ICT, etc., technology for analysis and utilization of spatial information, remote exploration, spatial decision support system (KOPSS), spatial big data, the building up and utilization of dynamic temporal space data, etc.