In the early stages of popular music development, when the sale of covered songs was possible due to the early death of original singers, the original song and covered songs were distributed and reproduced without clear distinction. This became a stumbling block in the categorizing, preserving and passing down of the unique sound of the original songs.

Accordingly, investigation was done into the original songs of Nam, In-soo and Bae, Ho for whom there was a particularly high amount of sales of their covered songs, in order to establish the foundation for the preservation and handing down of popular songs - one of our precious cultural heritages.

In the collection called “In Search of the National Folk Songs of Korea,” the original recorded songs of Nam, In-soo, a representative singer from the 40’s, and Bae, Ho, a representative singer from the 60’s (whose original songs and covered songs are mixed extensively) were categorized and specified. Moreover, the collection provides accurate information as well as audio source services for the original songs.

Firstly, the concepts of original and counterfeit songs, and the background on the distribution of the counterfeit songs are examined. Further, singers Nam, In-soo and Bae, Ho are introduced with a distinction made between the production of their original and counterfeit songs. In addition, album releases, and the list of the original and counterfeit song recordings are examined. You can also listen to the audio source of the original songs that the actual singer sang through a collection service.