Those living in the digital era of the 21st century are able to easily obtain reference information and knowledge using the internet. During the Joseon Dynasty, there was also active publication and the use of reference dictionaries due to the advancement of recording culture.

The government published and distributed printed versions of encyclopedias with vast volumes that systematically organized an extensive range of information by mobilizing a large number of leading scholars of the nation whenever there was political and social need for governance and the edification of the people. Moreover, popular in the private sector were compilations and publications of Yuseo, an encyclopedia that organized the famous phrases of ancient literature in accordance with prescribed principles, a Chinese character dictionary and vocabulary dictionary for composition of foreign diplomacy documents, official documents and formal letters that are associated with preparation for state examinations and inTELectual attainment of the general public.

This exhibition was planned to enable visitors to view the extensive range of dictionaries including the encyclopedia, Chinese character dictionary, life encyclopedia, specialized dictionaries, etc. in order to demonstrate that practical dictionaries were compiled, published and used widely during the Joseon Dynasty - a traditionally civilized nation.