Resource Rooms

  • 페이지 위로
  • 페이지 아래로
Special Resources rooms
Floors Rooms Books & Materials
5F Old & Rare Collection
  • Old books and genealogy
  • Closed stacks: Available upon request until 17:00
  • Old books in original copies & Chinese and Japanese old books:
    Reservation necessary 3 days prior to use
Maps & Geography
  • Open stacks: Maps and Geographical materials
Information Center on North Korea
  • Open stacks: North Korea-related materials and other special materials
    ※ A letter of recommendation should be submitted for photography or use.
4F General Reading Room
  • Open stacks: Materials collected in the last 6 months
    ※ Materials older than 6 months are available upon request at the Main Circulation Desk (1F)
Serials, Government Publications & Newspapers
  • Government publications: Government information and official publications, International organizations, the US government, etc.
  • Newspapers: Nationwide, local
  • Serials: Journals (academic/general) and magazines
  • Closed stacks: Available upon request until 17:00
2F Literature
  • Open stacks: Materials published in the last 3 years
    ※ Materials older than 3 years are available upon request at the Main Circulation Desk (1F)
  • Research and exhibition materials on modern literature
Information Center for Modern Literature
  • Research support for modern literature & exhibition
1F Accessible Room for the Disabled
(Jeong-bo Nu-ri-teo)
  • Reading service (voice/sign language), assistance in video watching (audio commentary/subtitles)
    ※ Reservation necessary for voice and audio services
  • Assistive technology devices provided
Information Service
  • User guidance & information guide
  • Users are allowed to use personal laptops.
  • After-hours Service
Main Circulation Desk
  • Closed stacks: Materials published in previous years, except open stack materials
    ※ Request for use must be made between: 09:00-17:00
B1F The Path of Knowledge
  • Passageway connected to the Digital Library
B2F Digital Library
Information Commons
  • Digital Reading Hall
  • Laptop Zone
  • IPTV Zone
  • Multiplex
  • Satellite TV
  • Seminar Rooms
  • Digital Newspapers
  • Media Information Hall
  • Media Editing Room
  • Studios (UCC/Video/Audio)
  • Memory Museum
  • Conference Room
  • Locker Room
Search for material from the Korea Library Information System (KOLIS) at the Information Service Room on the first floor and confirm if the material is available and where it can be located, then go to the relevant material room.

※ You can go to the relevant material room and search for what you want.

Confirm which shelf the material is on, and directly search for the materials or request for it at the desk.
  • Open-stack collections room: search and read what you want to read.
    (Information Service Room, General Reading Room, Serials, Government Publications & Newspapers Room)
  • Closed-stack collections room: Search on a PC for material, and apply for the day you wish to use it.
    (Main Circulation Desk, Serials, Government Publications & Newspapers Room, Old & Rare Collection Room)
For preserved materials and some of microforms from the Serials, Government Publications and Newspapers Room (materials that have call numbers starting with XA), apply for the 'same-day request and use service' to use them during weekdays. To use them during the weekend, you need to make a reservation on Friday.
Any and all collections of National Library of Korea are strictly prohibited from being taken outside the library. All materials must be used within reading rooms and the library building.